Born in 1991 in Athens, NIGHTFALL is the first ever metal band from Greece striking a deal with a foreign record label. That was Holy records in Paris. Under its wings, the band released 5 albums and 2 eps: Parade into Centuries (band’s, label’s and Greek metal scene’s debut), Macabre Sunsets, Athenian Echoes, Lesbian Show, Diva Futura and the eps Eons Aura and Electronegative. The band toured Europe and appeared in many festivals. Fans around the world enthusiastically embraced NIGHTFALL’s “exotic” sound and lyrical approach. The Athenians sounded like no other band in the world at that time, and that was an achievement that did not go unnoticed.

The 00s found NIGHTFALL changing course to becoming more of a studio act than live. Founder and main lyricist/composer Efthimis Karadimas kept a distance from the traditional new album release-tour-new album release-tour sequence and the band entered a long circle of introversion that led to four great albums: I Am Jesus and Lyssa/Rural Gods & Astonishing Punishments with Black Lotus records and Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants and Cassiopeia with Metal Blade records.

Art is the flame that lights the katabasis to our underworld. There where one’s dreams lie dead and the lions of excitement sleep. There where pain is rooted. That very flame fueled NIGHTFALL’s recent album At Night We Prey through Season of Mist records in 2021. A collection of brand-new songs about mental disorders and specifically depression; the stigma, the stereotypes, the rejection. With this album, NIGHTFALL drive a big stake to the heart of the stigmatized mental disorder problem that still exists in our societies. Collaborating with European Alliance against Depression in Germany, the band is daring to assist metalheads in distress to stand on their feet, open up and seek professional help. At Night We Prey is wholly inspired by and made for this purpose.

At this moment, NIGHTFALL work with producer Jacob Hansen and painter Eliran Kantor on their next album, due for release in late 2024.

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